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Putting our money towards social justice

July 17, 2020

A few weeks back, we made the decision we would discontinue our ongoing sales which was helping us stay afloat and instead, contribute 10% of sales to organizations + communities that could use the help; each week, a new organization/s.⠀

a weekend of protesting against systemic racism + police brutality, in the midst of the continuing pandemic, convinced us kickstart this initiative right away. Last week, due to the urgency and scope of the actions needed across the U.S  + in Los Angeles, we chose to donate 10% of all sales to people's city council freedom fund + black lives matter la. then, we took a step away from our business to hit the streets to march, listen + learn.

this initiative is an ongoing, long-term commitment. we're long- term thinkers, there is no quick fix. we stand ready, with your help, to continue to support those who need it most in these trying times.

this week, we are focusing on legal assistance needed for those who protested last week + were arrested. we will be donating to the bail project + naacp legal defense fund.

if you wish for the 10% of your purchase to go to another organization you want to support, please specify that in the notes on your order. 

each Monday going forward, look out for a magenta graphic similar to the one above on our social media and an email from us letting you know which organization/s we'll be donating to. if you shopped the previous week, you will also receive a thank you note with the organization/s you helped support. 

we believe, as a brand we have the responsibility + ability to make positive change in the world. we launched this brand to alter the way people consume skin care by creating products that don’t hurt our planet. We believe in smallness. Small actions can help achieve big results. we believe in culture and supporting the communities which create it.


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